Awake the
digital mind with us

We are looking for people who want to change the world and the way we use business software.


Today’s software basically consists of Code, Data, and UX. It has no understanding of the semantics of the business objects it is dealing with, the meaning of the business processes it is used for or the intentions of its users. It is thumb. Because of that, the human using the software needs to possess all the knowledge.

We want to change that by adding the missing knowledge component to software.

This opens a whole new world:
– humans no longer need to be experts to achieve their goals in a certain field
the UX can be dramatically simpler and 10x more efficient (think of interacting with software like with a human expert instead of clicking through complex menus)
– software can give meaningful advice, act proactively and autonomously.
– new functions can be added without coding by simply adding knowledge about new processes to it.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of nerds, that’s why even the name of our company is a riddle (what does l1r1 actually stand for?). We work at knowledge representation and semantics since a long time – IBM won Jeopardy with our DBpedia as long ago as 2011. But we are also experienced founders. We apply our technology in a much-needed segment of the market: With HeyLara we change how small and medium businesses do invoicing and bookkeeping once and for all by simply let our software do it for them.

We look for people
that are the top 1% in their field of expertise

l1r1 is an ambitious start-up company. Our software will not only change the way companies use software, but also how people work in general. That’s why we’re looking for people who consider themselves experts in their field to join our core team. Are you a seasoned scientist, have experience building ventures, or think we should get to know you and your skills? We look forward to hearing from you.