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l1r1 – when businesses
start to think

we make your business think consciously

We are engineering a
cognitive system that…

understands human intention.

Computers today can already understand human language, but they cannot grasp it cognitively. To plan, execute, and perform complex tasks, computers must develop an understanding of domain-specific domains and concepts. Only with a deep knowledge of a domain can computers work alongside us. Not as a tool, but as a cognitive planner and executor.

plans autonomously.

Software that understands a domain can predict what actions need to be performed to achieve a goal. Today, most software follows a predetermined path that it cannot leave. l1r1 can understand and create such paths by itself and execute them independently, without human guidance. Therefore, l1r1 can plan how to respond to user input and execute the task independently.

adapts to different situations.

l1r1 is a cognitive system. It has a memory, it has the ability to learn, to adapt to new situations and it is creative. For different users, l1r1 is not the same. Just as we humans adapt our communication to the knowledge we have about a communication partner, so does l1r1. l1r1 is a paradigm shift from a tool to a true communicator.

The team that builds digital consciousness.

Dr. Kai Stalmann

CTO | Berlin


Prof. Dr. Roland Fassauer

CIO | Berlin


Andreas Heinecke

CEO | Leipzig


Matthias Woppmann

CFO | Berlin


awake the
digital mind with us

We are looking for people who want to change the world and the way we use software.

we look for people
that are the top 1% in their field of expertise

l1r1 is an ambitious start-up company. Our software will not only change the way companies use software but also how people work in general. That’s why we’re looking for people who are experts in their field to join our core team. Are you a seasoned scientist, have experience building ventures, or think we should get to know you and your skills? We look forward to hearing from you.