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l1r1 is going to enable businesses to think.

Be part of the journey. You can find all open positions below.

Who we are

l1r1 is a team of experienced tech entrepreneurs and scientists. Our team has successfully built several start-ups and has an IT institute for research purposes.

What we do

We enable businesses to think.

You know what l1r1

Feel free to tell us. You will have a good chance of getting an offer. One hint: there is more than one solution.

We want to become more diverse

We are now a team of 13, with 5 nationalities, and still growing. We believe strongly in diversity and inclusion at Together, they fuel creative ideas and help us thrive. It is our different backgrounds and individual experiences that lead to revolutionary innovation, creative solutions, and technological breakthroughs. We are actively looking for more like-minded talents to join us.


We are looking for the best 1% in their field of expertise.

we are looking
for experts

We are an early-stage startup with an ambitious mission and a strong core team. Therefore, we are looking for people to join the core team who see themselves as an expert in their field of expertise. Our open positions do not show the full scope of what we are looking for, as we are concentrating on setting the core positions. If you believe that you can shape the future of business software with us, feel free to contact us.

tech + product

Our main focus right now is to build the cognitive system. Therefore, we are looking for ambitious AI engineers, NLP specialists, data scientists but also product experts. We are also looking for Software Engineers that are capable of Java. Our job board shows open positions. If you believe that you and your skills can contribute to l1r1, we are happy to hear from you.

is our core

l1r1 is a deep tech company, built by engineers.

we need business people

we are looking for non-techies to build a great company.


l1r1 also grows its business team. In our early stage, we are looking for people that take charge of their work. Some positions are on the job board, however, most are not. We want to encourage you to tell us, why we need you and your skills in our team. If you are interested apply for an open position or with an initiative application.