l1r1 changes the way humans use software. l1r1 builds a system that understands human language and executes tasks automatically in the domain of business software.

We are l1r1 and we are building a cognitive AI for your business. Software today needs to be directed by humans, it does not plan and execute by itself. You as a user do not have to use software any longer via an interface but with pure verbal communication. Therefore, we are building a cognitive system by combining semantics, AI and language technology. We are not inventing something new, but we are using current software in such a way that it uses its full potential.

We need highly qualified employees that take the lead and responsibility to build something great. The top experts are needed.


Mission: Help developing and maintaining the core platform of l1r1.


  1. Host our core Java system using Kubernetes. We are using the Quarkus framework.
  2. Integrate several services some of which are written in Python or other languages.
  3. Develop the CICD pipelines for compiling, testing and serving the core system on our Cloud Infrastructure Platform.
  4. Enabling monitoring and benchmarking of RESTlike services.
  5. Develop a persistence layer for various business objects most likely using a graph database.
  6. Develop time-based analytics using Kafka.




  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • GCP

Software Engineering:

  • Java
  • Quarkus/Vertex is a plus
  • Python
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Integration with OIDC + OAuth2.0 is a plus
  • Keycloak is a plus
  • Testing is a plus
  • Graph Databases is a plus
  • SQL is a plus
  • Kafka is a plus

Social Skills

  • independent
  • logical thinking
  • interested in engineering
  • creative
  • problem-solving
  • analytical
  • structured
  • persevering
  • team player > solo star
  • flexible


l1r1 is an ambitious start-up built by a team of experts. The benefits are:

  • ambitious idea -> the leverage is high
  • experienced team (2 successful IPOs)
  • one of the first 10 employees -> you shape the company
  • you get % of the company
  • great environment to learn and grow
  • you get responsibility from day one

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Job Category: Engineering / Technics
Job Type: Employee
Job Location: Remote

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