l1r1 changes the way humans use software. l1r1 builds a system that understands and executes tasks autonomously in the domain of business software.

We are l1r1 and we are building a cognitive AI for your business. Software today needs to be directed by humans, it does not plan and execute by itself. You as a user do not have to use software any longer via an interface but with pure verbal communication. Therefore, we are building a cognitive system by combining semantics, AI and language technology. We are not inventing something new, but we are using current technologies in such a way that it uses its full potential.

We are looking for a very technical Product Manager.

This role is requires knowledge in programming!

Job Description

Mission: Drive technical product validation and coordination analytically.

Information: We give you a challenging environment with your own freedom and responsibility to learn and provide you with all the resources you need.


  1. Validation of the product with real users through user tests. (Planning, execution, evaluation, communication of results in departments).
  2. Coordinate programmers and linguists in the context of user testing and testing systems.
  3. If necessary, program yourself to drive user tests and test systems.
  4. All of your decisions should be analytical and numbers driven, and the results should be incorporated into the processes. The user tests give you the data for your decisions concerning the product.
  5. You take charge of communicating your findings to all departments (tech, marketing, sales).



  • Programming experience is an advantage
  • Experience in validation of products with users is a great advantage
  • Collaboration with programmers, linguists, sales and marketing department are required

Social Skills:

  • independent
  • analytical thinking
  • motivated (hungry for success)
  • friendly
  • communicative
  • resilient (able to deal with rejection)
  • willing to learn
  • interested in product development
  • creative
  • problem solving
  • team player > ego
  • flexible


l1r1 is an ambitious start-up built by a team of experts. The benefits are:

  • ambitious idea -> the leverage is high
  • experienced team (2 successful IPOs)
  • get % of the company
  • one of the first employees -> you shape the company
  • great environment to learn and grow
  • you get responsibility from day one

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Job Category: Media/ Communications Product/ Design Sales
Job Type: Employee
Job Location: Berlin (Germany)

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